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DTC Wave 2 Added to Archive

DTC Wave 2 Added to Archive:

DTC Wave 2 is now shipping, and has been added to the Action Figure Archive!

A new addition to the Action Figure Archive with this update is the All Geared Up! picture, showing the figure using its accessories. Look below the individual accessory pictures for a link. If you like it, let us know and we'll keep it around!

12 Inch Dr. Mindbender and Bazooka in Stores!

The long delayed 12 inch Dr. Mindbender and Bazooka figures are now hitting Dollar General stores, for only $6 each! Originally shown in 2003 and planned as a K-B Toys exclusive, these figures never made it to stores until now! Expect those two figures to be added to the archive around the middle of next week.

Thanks to Tom Brooks for the news!

Sigma 6 Archive Coming Next Week

Originally planned for the weekend but pushed back due to the arrival of DTC Wave 2, the YoJoe Sigma 6 section will be up early next week. Don't forget to watch the show this weekend!

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