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Sigma 6 News and Archive Updates

Sigma 6 News:

  • GIJoe.com has been updated with Sigma 6 features on the toys and cartoon.

  • 4Kids.TV has added a section devoted to Sigma 6.

  • Catch the first episode of G.I.Joe Sigma 6 this weekend! Check 4Kids.TV for the time and channel in your area!

    Cardbacks Update - 1993 Added!:

    The year 1993 has been added to the Cardback Archive, as well as the following to the year 1992:

    Ninja Force - 1992

    DEF - 1992 Talking Battle Commanders (1992)

    Cobra Wolf Vehicle Updated:

    The Cobra Wolf (1987) vehicle has been updated with an image of the mail-in variant.

    Posters Archive Updated:

    2004 Convention Figures Added:

    The 2004 Dreadnok Rampage figures have been restored to the Action Figure Archive on the Convention Figures page.

    Thanks to Michael Klopchin, Dan Moore and Nick Zurawski for these updates!

    Yo Joe!


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