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September 2005

September 30: Comic Packs 9 and 75 Added

September 28: BTR Patriot Grizzly and 12 Inch Dr. Mindbender Added

September 27: Action Force Comic Annuals Added, Feature Character Spotlight

September 26: Diamond Select Toys Interview and Product Preview

September 23: Possible Server Down Time

September 22: Sponsor News - Guru-Planet.com

September 22: DDP December Solicitations and Archives Updated

September 21: Sgt. Bazooka and GI JOE Moray Hydrofoil Added

September 20: COBRA H.I.S.S. and Night Creeper Archived

September 19: Sigma 6 Wave 1 Added to Archive

September 16: DTC Wave 2 Added to Archive

September 14: Sacramento G.I.Joe Show

September 14: Sponsor News - SMALLJOES

September 12: Cardback Update - 1994, other Archives Updated

September 07: Sigma 6 News and Archives Updated

September 05: Devil's Due Sigma 6 Comic and Toys R Us Sigma 6 Promotion

September 04: Night Ops Humvee, Convention Sky Hawk, Action Figures, and Comic Books Updated

September 02: Sponsor News - Guru-Planet

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