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August 2004

August 31: Sponsor News - Brian's Toys

August 26: Season 2, Part 2 Update!

August 25: Unproduced G.I.Joe Desert HQ Figures

August 24: G.I.Joe Trading Card Game, Sound Book, Comic Archives Updated

August 23: Sponsor News - Guru-Planet

Sponsor News - Brian's Toys

August 21: Season 2 Part 1 DVD Set

August 20: Ice Sabre, Quickstrike, Sting Raider, Tigerhawk Repaint

August 18: Operation Avalanche

August 17: Anti-Venom Task Force

August 14: Wizard World Chicago - Devil's Due Presentation

August 12: Gold Steel Brigade Filecard, Dog Tags, Mystery Sneak Peek, 12" Thursday, Comic News

August 10: Palisades Interview, Cobra Commander Mini Statue

August 05: 12" Snake Eyes with Ninja Lightning, Backpacks, Sticker Book, Starfighter Updated

August 03: Cobra Strike Team - Urban Divison, Server Move, More

August 02: Sponsor News

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