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Greetings GIJOE fans!
Update from www.guru-planet.com

We are soon to have the Palisades Mini statue of Snake Eyes and Timber. And look for every item available from the 3 3/4 line. Thats right we will have almost a full collection next month.

Dont forget are now offering products directly from Hasbro!

NEW!! -- GIJOE: Valor vs Venom
-- Current wave of 2packs!!! *new version of Bat Android*
-- Alpha vehicles $9.99
-- Cobra Adder w/wild Weasel $18.00
-- 12 inch figures: Cobra vs GIJOE, and Historical WWII

Classic Figures Updated
-- All series have been updated
-- Lots of troops for classic army building
-- Special figures, mail aways, and other interesting items

Special Items section has lots of Brazilian exclusives!!

*As always we believe that quality is what set us apart from the pack.

*Expect good customer care!

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