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G.I.Joe Convention Updates!

Reports are starting to trickle in from the G.I.Joe Convention in Norfolk, Virginia this weekend. Expect pictures to flood the internet this weekend.

Posted - Fri, 4:55 pm PST

A more detailed report from the Con-

Freebie with set is a Red HISS with stickers pre applied from HISS

*500 Boxed sets - less than 100 Still available at show w/HISS 
*150 bagged sets - sold out prior to show.  No HISS. 
*250 Prototype sets (Confirmed with Becky of MasterCollector that
China shipped the Fuschia Strike Team as they call it, in 250 units,
but was rejected, and new ones were shipped.)  Selling $125 limit one
per person who bought main set.  No HISS.

Over heard Brian Savage state that there were extra sets of the
command figures sent without vipers...

Crimson VIper is not official name - "Viper" is their name.  Crimson
Strike Trooper is how they are listed.  They suffer from shoe-gazer
syndrome as the 1.5 viper and their feet are pidgeon-toed as well.

4 filecards - Tomax, Xamot, Baroness and Viper.

12 AKs and 12 viper packs, 2 snakeeyes v3 uzi and 2 range viper
knives, baroness has two silver lowlight uzis and the back pack she
has is from the Battle Corps Gung Ho.

No battle stands.  Those in the display are for display only.

In the comparison photos, the "Pink" / "Fuschia" / "Bubble Gum
Brigade" is on the left and the Crimson Strike Team is on the right.

Tomax does not have a scar in either set.  Twins hair is red on Bubble
Gum version and brown on the Crimson Strike Team.  This was the second
biggest error they wanted to correct.  The overall bubble gum color
being the first.

Dusty paratrooper figure has no name.  Suspected to be just green
beret trooper.  Ever registrant got one.  Hundreds were thrown from
the roof by adults and kids scrambled to scoop them up.  No file card,
just a parachute with toysrus.com on it.  The pack it's attached to is
a green version of Jinx's pack.  I would just say Paratrooper Dusty,
or Green Beret.

Posted - Fri, 9:06 am PST

  • The figures in the convention exclusive Crimson Strike Team set are dark red - unlike the previously seen Pink/Fuschia/Bubble Gum prototypes.

  • Convention attendees were promised special exclusives that were not going to be made available to those who ordered their Crimson Strike Teams by mail. The exclusives include a red HISS Tank and a Paratrooper Dusty. The Dusty is the 2000 version with a green shirt instead of blue and a silver "toysrus.com" parachute attached to a green Jinx backpack.

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