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Comic Con 2001

There is a ton of G.I.Joe stuff at the Comic Con this year. Bare with us as we try to summarize what's there-

First off, the Hasbro booth is divided up into separate areas for Star Wars and G.I.Joe. The G.I.Joe booth features the 12" figures, two cases full of 3 3/4" figures, a computer playing the G.I.Joe Movie, and a television set playing a new G.I.Joe Flash cartoon that will be featured later this year at gijoe.com.

The new G.I.Joe vs Cobra theme was extremely prominent - you couldn't miss that Hasbro was definitely pushing the new 3 3/4" stuff.

Waves 4 and 5 will be the last waves with the old o-ring style molds. When wave 6 hits stores in 2002, these figures will be discontinued. As a result, they will be made in lower quantities. So collectors, take note - these should not be passed up because they won't be shipping long.

The Desert Striker is made from a modified VAMP mold. It will include Flint.

This is the wave that will arrive in 2002 with brand new molds without the o-ring. The figures have no o-ring - which reduces the amount of motion in the legs, but the waist will still turn. The reasons for the change - cost is primary but also important is that the o-rings are deteriorating before they reach toy store shelves. Because of the cost savings, Hasbro feels that they can spend more money on tooling new sculpts.

The figures will maintain all other types of articulation. The figures have a hole in their backs to allow them to wear backpacks. The stands pictured are NOT included - they were only used because these prototypes do not have peg holes drilled in their feet yet.

The packaging art is finalized and is pictured below. The figures will be posed in a fight pose inside. Of note, the filecards will not be on the back of the card - instead, they'll be included inside the packaging.

In addition to the 3 3/4" figures, Hasbro will be releasing G.I.Joe vs Cobra versions of 12" figures. They will be released carded around the $10 price point, except for Cobra Commander who will be around $15 because of added accessories.

The figures below are prototypes/mock-ups of Cobra Commander, Nunchuk, Firefly, and Duke.

Hanging on the walls of the Hasbro booth were black and white concept art pieces that were used by the toy designers. In addition to the ten characters that were already in figure form, four pieces of art featured characters that will be coming in 2002 - Stalker, Scarlett, Firefly, and Nunchuk.

Later this year at Hasbro's official website gijoe.com, they will premiere new web cartoons. An all new two-minute cartoon featuring the new characters was being shown in the booth.

Pictured below is Derryl DePriest of Hasbro, along with the new G.I.Joe vs Cobra logo.

J.Scott Campbell, the cover artist for all the Image G.I.Joe comics, just happened by the Hasbro booth. He's pictured below with the free poster being given away by Devil's Due of the cover he drew for G.I.Joe #1.

At the Devil's Due booth, Josh Blaylock and Steve Kurth were selling copies of the Convention Special for $3. Pictured below (left to right) are Josh Blaylock (writer/layout artist), Steve Kurth (penciller), and the colorist (whose name escapes me at the moment). Also pictured below is the cover for G.I.Joe #2 - also by J. Scott Campbell.


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