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Cobra H.I.S.S. III - In Stores Now

I've received several reports that the H.I.S.S. III has arrived (with Rip-It) at Toys R Us stores in Ohio, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Texas, Pennsylvania, New York. So get out there and check your local toy stores - H.I.S.S. tanks are on their way.

In the meantime, remember that Cobra H.I.S.S. III that was auctioned on Ebay a few months back? Well, the winner - Wyverndrag - graciously sent us images of it that we could share here with everyone.


Thanks to Wyverndrag, Souvenir, and EagleEye!

Updated: 12/21/00

2000 figure packaging and filecards

Check out the Special Ops: G.I.Joe website! They just added a scan of the filecard of the not-yet-released Duke and has news about upcoming G.I.Joe vehicles.

  • http://www.geocities.com/mkbip

    Updated: 12/13/00

  • Hasbro Updates Website

    Hasbro has updated their website with pictures of the 2000 G.I.Joe figures.

  • http://www.gijoe.com/sm_figures.html

    Thanks to Jase!


  • G.I.Joe Checklist

    Paul Grant has put together a web page where you can visually see what G.I.Joes you need. Fairly neat way to keep track of what G.I.Joes you have and which ones you still need.

  • http://www.paulgrant.ca/Checklist.html

    URL updated: 11/30/00

    Thanks to Paul Grant!

  • Figure Stands back in stock

    For months we've been asked, "Where are the Yo Joe! figure stands?" We completely underestimated demand for these figure stands and sold out quickly. But never again.

    Figure stands are back in stock permanently at the Yo Joe store. They feature a new improved design that works great with all 3 3/4" G.I.Joe figures.

  • Figure Stands


  • Replacement Hoses now in stock

    It took a while to find a source for them, but the Yo Joe store now carries replacement hoses for your G.I.Joe figures. Check them out.

  • Accessory Hose


  • G.I.Joe in Toy Shop magazine

    In the latest issue of Toy Shop, there is an interview with Joe Del Beato and includes his artwork of Leatherneck. The article is written by John Marshall of toyzilla.com.

    Thanks to Brian!


    If you pre-ordered from Entertainment Earth...

    A few months back, Entertainment Earth was taking pre-orders for cases of the 3 3/4" G.I.Joe toys. Apparently, they are not going to be carrying the 3 3/4" G.I.Joes and have been slow to inform people who pre-ordered.

    If you pre-ordered from Entertainment Earth and have not heard from them, contact them ASAP.

    Thanks to Don Koehne!

    Updated - 11/26/00

    New 2001 Figures in Lee's Action Figure News

    Lee's Action Figure News magazine has photographs and new names of the new 2001 G.I.Joe two-packs. The two-packs are-

  • Major Bludd (Sonic Fighter mold) and Rock Viper (Range Viper mold)
  • Big Ben (snow camo colors) and White-Out (Snow Job mold)
  • Duke (v3/1992 mold) and Sidetrack (Ambush mold)

    Note that the names are different that the names from Hasbro's product literature that is sent out to retailers.

    Updated - 11/13/00

    Thanks to John E, Straight-Edge, and Geoff!

  • More G.I.Joe articles on Daily Radar

    Daily Radar is having some fun with G.I.Joe again. Another new article this week.

  • http://www.dailyradar.com/features/directhit_feature_page_1749_1.html

    Thanks to Rich!


  • Even More Officially Licensed G.I.Joe T-Shirts

    Keep your eyes open for more officially licensed G.I.Joe t-shirts - including new Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes shirts. Look for them at your local t-shirt shop, Hot-Topic, Gadzooks, Spencer's, and other clothing stores.

    KBKids.com is also still selling a G.I.Joe: Real American Hero t-shirt along with a Cobra t-shirt.

    Thanks to Paul Gasparo and Paul Jacoby!

    Updated - 11/2/00

    G.I.Joe articles online

    Daily Raider is hosting "Hasbro Week" and several G.I.Joe articles are on their site. Check it out!

  • Daily Radar - Direct Hit


    Thanks to BOBAFET696 and Rich Alan!

  • New G.I.Joe Art in Wizard #111

    On page #36 of the current Wizard magazine #111, there is a fantastic G.I.Joe pin-up done by comic book artist J. Scott Campbell. Trust us - it's very cool. Look for Wizard #111 on your local newsstand or comic book shop!

    Update: The artwork is now on the Wizardworld website.


    Thanks to Nick, Josh, and Richard!

    Solve a Mystery - Win a $100 Shopping Spree

    Treasuresntoys.com is sponsoring a contest at T.N.T.'s G.I.Joe Web Camp to try to identify a mysterious G.I.Joe figure. It's a repainted version of Flash that came from a former Hasbro employee but the when/where this figure was intended to be released is a mystery.

    That's where you come in. They're looking for help in terms of where it might've come from - an insert, a publicity catalog - anything that might shed light on where/when this figure was supposed to be released. Head on over and learn about the contest - even if for no other reason that to check out a really cool unreleased figure.

  • T.N.T.'s G.I.Joe Web Camp Contest


    Thanks to Ron Conner!

  • Collectibles Archive joins with the Virtual Museum

    As most of you know, Robert "EagleEye Joe" Culpepper has maintained the excellent G.I.Joe Virtual Museum - a great collection of anything G.I.Joe. But in an effort to combine forces, in the next few months, the 215 exhibits in the Virtual Museum will be making their way into the Collectibles Archive.

  • Yo Joe! Collectibles Archive


    Thanks to Robert "EagleEye Joe" Culpepper!

  • InToyz 4" Armed Forces Action Figures

    They're not G.I.Joes, but they're compatible with G.I.Joes. And they're pretty darn cool. Check them out.

  • Armed Forces Action Figures


  • Autographed G.I.Joe Comics

    Inker Chip Wallace (who worked on G.I.Joe comics #139 through #150) is selling autographed G.I.Joe comic books from his website. In the upcoming weeks, he plans to have original G.I.Joe artwork, other autographed comics, and prints available. He's also available for free lance art.

    For more information, please check out his website.

  • http://members.aol.com/inkercwallace/enter.htm


  • TOTEM Con

    There's a pretty neat convention coming next summer - TOTEMCon. Sounds like our kind of fun. Here's more info-

    Coming Summer 2001, be prepared to have the term "convention" redefined. Next summer, TOTEMCon (Toons of the Eighty's & More Convention) hits New England as the show fans and collectors have been clamoring for for a long time. With the focal point of the show being the cartoons and toylines of the 1980's; He-Man, M.A.S.K., Thundercats, Transformers, Voltron, and the granddaddy of them all, G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero; TOTEMCon has it all. The convention also focuses on anime, comics, a multitude of gaming, and much more. Check out their website for more information!

  • http://www.totemcon.com


  • The Cobra H.I.S.S. III!

    Remember that Cobra H.I.S.S. III that was mysteriously available for sale on Ebay last week even though they won't be reaching toy stores for several weeks? Well, the winner - Wyverndrag - graciously sent us images of it that we could share here with everyone.

    Please note that the Cobra H.I.S.S. III is not available on toy shelves yet (as of this writing). It probably won't be there for a while. So don't email me asking where to get one. :)

    But considering that the H.I.S.S. III is easily one of the most anticipated G.I.Joe toys that Hasbro has released in some time, we're extremely glad that Wyverndrag is letting us all check out one heck of a cool toy!

    Cobra HISS III

    Thanks to Wyverndrag!


    Yo Joe's PIT Mailing List - Up and Running!

    Due to problems with our mailing list provider, we had to move the list with zero advance notice. We apologize for the inconvenience.

    We are re-subscribing folks that were on the old list. We can only manually add 100 folks each day. We should have everyone signed up in 3-4 days. If you do not wish to wait for Conor, please sign yourself up!

    To subscribe to The Pit, send e-mail to [email protected].

    For more info on The Pit's new temporary home, head over to eGroups:



    Toyfare #39

    Issue #39 of Toyfare should be on newsstands in the next few weeks - it contains a G.I.Joe: Real American Hero poster.

    Still available is Toyfare #38 - it lists the top 25 action figures of all time - from the 1970s to today. The story is extensively illustrated with shots of each toy and the features that made them winners. #7 greatest action figure of all time is Zartan.

  • Toyfare



    On August 22nd, longtime online e-tailer Entertainment Earth began accepting pre-orders for is a vehicle called the G.I.Joe HISS 3 with Driver. It's priced at $11.99 and is expected to ship by December 2000.

    Our good friend, Warflight, called Hasbro's customer service line and asked them about the HISS 3... several times. Finally, he was told that yes, Hasbro is producing a HISS Tank with a driver named "Rip-It". The tank is expected in November/December 2000.

    UPDATE: The new issue of Previews magazine lists the HISS III at $11.50 with the following description:

    GI JOE COBRA HISS III WITH DRIVER SET A Cobra Command Weapon! Based on one of Cobra Command's top secret designs, the H.I.S.S.'s sophisticated weaponry system, high-tech armor design and troop transport capabilities make it nothing less than a battlefield nightmare for the G.I. Joe team! It features (non-firing) "diablo" cannons that elevate and swivel, anopening platform to transport other figures, opening canopy, and simulated treads with free-rolling wheels. Includes an exclusive "Rip It" figure with bio card. Boxed.

    Judging from the excitement in the emails I received, if they go through with it, Hasbro has made a great decision. People love HISS tanks and are already lining up to buy lots of them.

  • HISS 3 at Entertainment Earth


    Thanks to Warflight, David Thornton, MekkZ, John, oxbigdaddycoolxo, and all the others!

  • G.I.Joe Micro Machines on Clearance

    A report has come in from at least one Walmart that they've begun clearancing out the G.I.Joe Micro Machines. If you're interested in them, now would be a good time to look for them in the clearance aisles.


    Thanks to Kevin!

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