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Milton Bradley Series Two Trading Cards - 1988

Pictured above is a case of Milton Bradley G.I. Joe Series Two Trading Cards. These cards were available exclusively in New Zealand in 1988 and differ slightly from the Series One cards. Some key differences between the series two cards and the U.S. series one cards are the dates, sizes, and the numbering. However, both series one and series two cards use the same art.

mb2casetop.jpg mb2caseside.jpg mb2caseback.jpg

Pictured above is a case for the Milton Bradley Series Two Trading Cards.

mb2checklist.jpg mb2comp.jpg mbcomp2.jpg

Pictured above is a checklist from these trading cards and comparison pictures of series one vs. series two.

Case pictures from the collection of: Eric Haydt
Loose cards from the collection of: Thomas Kimminau


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