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Belgium/Netherlands: G.I.Joe Speciale Opdracht #5

Belgium/Netherlands: G.I.Joe Speciale Opdracht #5

Front Close-Up

Pictured above is a Dutch language comic book - G.I.Joe Speciale Opdracht #5. The cover is the same as the U.S. release of Marvel Comics' G.I.Joe Special Missions #9.

The comic itself contained the stories from Marvel Comics' G.I.Joe Special Missions #9 and G.I.Joe Special Missions #10. Also included were reprinted pages from the Order of Battle comics - dossiers of the Baroness, Cobra Soldier, and Cobra Officer. It also included a two page reprinting of the cover artwork that was originally used as the cover for the Order of Battle trade paperback.

Published by Junior Press Strip, these comic books were available in the Netherlands and Belgium.

From the collection of: Tommy De Coninck
Additional information courtesy of: Peter De Bruyne


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