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Japan: G.I.Joe VAMP Jeep

Pictured above is the Japanese release of the G.I.Joe VAMP Jeep. G.I.Joe and Cobra figures and vehicles were sold in Japan by the Takara toy company in 1986.

Two things are unusual about the VAMP sold in Japan. First, Japanese VAMP apparently came with tan Clutch, rather than the regular green Clutch that came with the U.S. and Canadian versions of the VAMP. Second, the box art of the VAMP depicts Mutt and Recondo, so this art would have been taken from the 1984 Sears Exclusive VAMP & HAL set.

Note that the blue "sci-fi" background. Cobra figures and vehicles released in Japan had a reddish-orange background, while G.I.Joe figures and vehicles had a blue background.

The lower pics of the Japanese Vamp, unbuilt, show the Vamp jeep with the shovel on the left fender and the chassis in the packaging box.

From the collection of: Serpentor and Peter Smith


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