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UK/Spain/Italy - Payload (Invader) Filecards

UK/Spain/Italy - Payload (Invader) Filecards

When boxed G.I.Joe toys with figures were released in multiple European countries, the packaging was often printed in the multiple languages. Filecards were either truncated to fit the multiple languages on one card - or multiple filecards were printed in multiple languages and included in the packaging.

Pictured above are three filecards for Payload, who was released in Europe boxed with the Cobra Invader. The filecards are connected by preforated cardboard - the top card is in English, the second card is in Spanish, and the third card is in Italian. The cards are dated 1993 and were printed by Hasbro International.

Also, note that Payload is a Cobra pilot.

The filecard text is available for reading in the International Filecard Gallery.

From the collection of: Jose Guerrero Rodriguez


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