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Canada/Chile - 2008 G.I.Joe Packaging

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Canadian laws require that most everything printed in Canada must be in both of the official languages - English and French. In 2008 Canadian toy stores began selling the G.I.Joe 25th Anniversary figures in special Canadian-exclusive packaging. Curiously, this package is trilingual - including additional text in Spanish. The card back lists importation by a Mexican company, Mexican Manufacturing Services, for Hasbro Chile, Ltd., indicating releases of these figures in Chile as well.

Unfortunately, the cards are missing the wonderful character art - most likely to cut costs by having standardized cards.

Pictured above is Crimson Guard (v9), sold in 2008. The card back lists additional figures in the wave - Cobra Commander (v25), Destro (v16), Sgt. Flash (v2), Shipwreck (v11), Snake Eyes (v30), and Snow Job (v3). The figures themselves are exactly like the U.S. versions.


Crimson Guard card

Crimson Guard card back

Crimson Guard filecard

Cobra Commander carded

Destro carded

Sgt. Flash carded

Shipwreck carded

Snake Eyes carded

Snow Job carded

From the collection of: Peter Smith
Carded Crimson Guard, Cobra Commander, Destro, and Snake Eyes images from the collection of: Snake8Storm


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