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Canada - 2004 G.I.Joe Packaging

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Canadian laws require that most everything printed in Canada must be in both of the official languages - English and French. In 2004 Canadian toy stores began selling the G.I.Joe vs. Cobra Valor vs Venom figure packs in special Canadian-exclusive packaging.

Pictured above is a General Abernathy vs Overkill two-pack that was sold in in 2004. The figures themselves were exactly like the U.S. versions.

Some two-packs found their way to U.S. stores.


General Abernathy vs Overkill

Duke vs Venomous Maximus

Gung Ho vs Wild Weasel

Kamakura vs Storm Shadow

Dr. Link Talbot vs Night Creeper

Sand Scorpion and Razor Trooper


From the collection of: APWWrestling


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