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Canada - 2001 G.I.Joe Packaging

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Canadian laws require that most everything printed in Canada must be in both of the official languages - English and French. In 2001 when Canadian toy stores began selling the G.I.Joe figure packs, the packaging was the same as the U.S. packaging. However, in July of 2001, Canadian toy stores began selling G.I.Joe figure packs in special Canadian-exclusive packaging.

Pictured above are four of the carded figure packs that were sold in Canada in 2001. The packaging did not name the figure names. Also unlike the U.S. packaging, the back of the cards did not have filecards - instead, the cardbacks had English and French language descriptions of the G.I.Joe toys. The filecards were not printed on the cardbacks, but were instead printed in black/white on paper and included folded inside the packaging. It seems likely that Hasbro cut corners here to save on the cost of printing English/French packaging.

The figures themselves were exactly like the U.S. versions.

From the collection of: Ed Dam
Cardback from the collection of: Charles Cushman


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