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Brazil - V.I.B.O.R.A. Brazil - V.I.B.O.R.A.

Brazil - V.I.B.O.R.A.

Front Close-Up
Back Close-Up

Pictured above is the Brazilian boxed version of V.I.B.O.R.A.. The vehicle was released in the United States as Destro's Despoiler. While the U.S. version came with an action figure, the Brazilian version did not.

V.I.B.O.R.A. stood for "Veiculo Invididual De Batalhas, Ofensivas E Reconhecimento Aeros" - which roughly translates into "Individual Battle Vehicle, Offensive and Air Recognition".

Note that this vehicle should not be confused with the action figure Vibora - the Brazilian version of the Python Officer action figure.

From the collection of: David Croft


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