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Brazil - Stickers

The stickers were released in Brazil in 1987 by Cedibra and Estrela Design. Estrela was the toy company that released the Comandos em Ação G.I.Joe figures in Brazil. The stickers were sold in packs for use with a sticker album.

1ace.jpg Ace 1airtight.jpg Airtight 1alpine.jpg (6k) Alpine 1barbecue.jpg (6k) Barbecue
1baroness.jpg (6k) Baroness 1bazooka.jpg (6k) Bazooka 1cobra.jpg (6k) Cobra 1dialtone.jpg (6k) Dialtone
1doc.jpg (6k) Doc 1duke.jpg (6k) Duke 1dusty.jpg Dusty 1flash.jpg Flash
1flint.jpg (6k) Flint 1footloose.jpg (6k) Footloose 1gungho.jpg (6k) Gung-Ho 1lowlight.jpg (6k) Lowlight
1recondo.jpg (6k) Recondo 1scarlett.jpg (6k) Scarlett 1spirit.jpg (6k) Spirit

From the collection of: Ricardo Latour


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