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Brazil - Forca Tigre

The Estrela toy company did not just release the U.S. versions of G.I.Joe toys, but made several changes before releasing the toys. As a result, there are many exclusive figures and toys that were only available in Brazil.

Pictured above is a page from a Brazilian Estrela toy catalog from approximately 1991 depicting the Forca Tigre - Tiger Force.

Pictured (clockwise from upper left) are Tigre Guarda-Costeira, Codename: Marujo - a Brazilian exclusive Tiger Force repaint of Shipwreck, Tigre Anti-Radiacao, Codename: Ar Puro - a Brazilian exclusive Tiger Force repaint of Airtight, Tiger Force Lifeline, Tigre Da Selva, Codename: Felino - a Brazilian exclusive version of Tiger Force Dusty, and Tiger Force Duke.

From the collection of: Mike "De Aco" Fountain


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