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Brazil - Comandos em Ação Comic Book #2

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G.I.Joe toys sold in Brazil were renamed Comandos em Ação by the Estrela Toy Company.

Pictured above is issue #2 of the Brazilian "Comandos Em Acao" comic book. It's a direct translation of Marvel Comics G.I.Joe #2 (1982).

The comic book is marked "Hasbro 1987" on the cover. Inside the book, it is dated "November 4, 1987".

The comic book is smaller in size than Marvel Comics sold in the U.S.. It measures 7.5 inches long and 5.5 inches wide.

Comandos em Ação, which translates into Commandos in Action. The phrase em Ação (in Action) should not be confused with de Aço (of Iron).

From the collection of: Ed Dam


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