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Brazil - Blindado De Assalto

Pictured above are pictures of the Blindado De Assalto - translated into "Assault Tank". It was released as part of the second Comandos em Ação series in 1985 by Estrela Toys. The toy was released in the United States in 1984 as the VAMP Mark II.

The Blindado De Assalto did not include a driver. The toy itself uses the VAMP (1982) mold variation with the shovel hood, often found in the VAMP & HAL set (1984). Additionally, it has an Estrela Toys stamp on it and the G.I.Joe decals have been replaced with Comandos em Ação decals.

Instruction Sheet 1 Instruction Sheet 2
Instructions 1
Instructions 2

From the collections of: Chad Hucal and Andre Pochini


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