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Brazil - Estação Náutica De Ataque

The Estrela toy company did not just release the U.S. versions of G.I.Joe toys, but also created their own versions for their Comandos em Ação toyline. As a result, there are many exclusive figures and toys that were only available in Brazil. Among these was the Estação Náutica De Ataque. A recolored version of the Cobra Battle Barge, it was recolored in Slaughters Marauders colors.

Pictured above on the left is a loose version of the Estação Náutica De Ataque. Pictured above on the right is an image of it from a Brazilian Estrela toy catalog.

Image from the collection of: Simon Hurley
Loose toy from the collection of: Owen Wilson
Boxed toy from the collection of: Celso Luiz


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