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Brazil - Comandos em Ação History - 1985

Comandos em Ação was launched in Brazil in 1984 by the Estrela toy company. The first series was a success and Estrela won a piece of the boys toys market. The second series was released in 1985 and were made up of straight-arm figures.

The 1985 series of action figures was made up of Soldado Morteiro (Short Fuze), Frente de Batlha (Grunt), Cobra Soldado (Cobra), Cobra Oficial (Cobra Officer), Contra Espionagem (Scarlett), and Cobra Invasor. Cobra Invasor was the first International exclusive figure released by Estrela toys. With the release of Cobra Invasor, Cobra Soldado, and Cobra Oficial, the Comandos em Ação toyline finally had a number of villains (as opposed to just one from the original 1984 series).

Also released were vehicles like the Asa Delta Camuflada (G.I.Joe Falcon Glider), Asa Delta Cobra (Cobra Viper Glider), Blindado De Assalto (Vamp Mark 2), and the Helicóptero De Assalto (FANG). The two gliders came with their own pilot - the Brazilian version of Tan Grunt and Viper Pilot. The FANG copter was released as a G.I.Joe vehicle and was not part of Cobra (leading to some confusion, when the translated G.I.Joe cartoons depicted Cobras using the FANG helicopter).

Words and Images courtesy of: Danilo de Melo


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