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Brazil - Comandos em Ação History - Mastim

While he was released in the U.S. as Dog Handler, Codename: Mutt, in Brazil he was released as Cão Bravio, Nome de Código : Mastim.

Mastim was part of the third Comandos em Ação series in 1986. Beginning in 1986, the Brazilian figures did not have the Estrela logo on them. Instead, they had Hasbro logos.

The figure did not come with the same accessories as the U.S. version. While the dog, gun, mask, leash, and nightstick were the same, the helmet was not. The U.S. version of Mutt came with a helmet with goggles molded on them, while the Brazilian Mastim came with a plain black helmet.

Words and Images courtesy of: Danilo de Melo


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