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Brazil - Comandos em Ação History - Cobra Piloto

While he was released in the U.S. as the swivel-arm Cobra Viper Pilot, in Brazil he was released as the straight-arm figure Cobra Piloto. Cobra Piloto was available exclusively with the Asa Delta Cobra - "Cobra Delta Wing".

The Asa Delta Cobra and Cobra Piloto was part of the second Comandos em Ação series in 1985. He's a straight-arm figure and the back of the figure features the Estrela logo on raised lettering.

The Cobra Piloto came with a red Cobra logo on its chest - not the silver one that the U.S. Cobra Viper Pilot came with. The figure pictured above has had its red logo scratched off.

Words and Images courtesy of: Danilo de Melo


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