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Brazil - Comandos em Ação History - 1984

Comandos em Ação was launched in Brazil in 1984 by the Estrela toy company. The first series was only made up of six figures and three vehicles. Despite the economic problems of the time in Brazil, the toy line was a success.

The first series of action figures was made up of Stalker, Flash, Breaker, Rock&Roll, and Zap. The only enemy of the first series was Snake Eyes, who was dubbed O Invasor - translated from Portuguese into The Invader. The O Invasor was not the more well-known Cobra Invasor (who would be released in Brazil later).

The first three vehicles were the Jipe de Ataque (Attack Jeep - VAMP), the Rapid Fire Motorcycle (RAM), and the Lança Míssil. The Lança Míssil - or Missile Launcher in English - is the first exclusive playset that Estrela produced for the small Comandos em Ação.

Words and Images courtesy of: Danilo de Melo


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