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Argentina - Cobra Viper Glider

Box Front Close-Up
Box Back Close-Up
Figure/Filecard Close-Up
Figure/Box Art Close-Up

Plastirama released their own version of the Cobra Viper Glider named Ala Delta Camuflada. It translates from Spanish into Camouflaged Delta-Wing. The box is similar to the U.S. version, except that the descriptions are in Spanish. The toys itself is similar to the U.S. version, except with slightly lower quality plastic.

Note that the front of the box depicts a Cobra Viper Pilot (83). However, the figure included is a straight-arm Cobra Officer (82).

  • Cobra Viper Glider Label Sheet

    From the collection of: Joaquin Meier
    Stickers from the collection of: Dwayne Marshall


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