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ARGENTINA - Cobra Black: Ninja-Ku

Card Front Close-Up
Card Back Close-Up

Pictured above is a carded Argentinian exclusive figure, Ninja-Ku. It reads "Enemigo Cobra!". Above the G.I.Joe logo is the phrase "Con total movimento de brazos y mas equipamiento!"

Ninja-Ku is a repaint of Storm Shadow. The artwork for the cardback is entirely original - it never appeared in the United States.

Like in many nations, Hasbro licensed out G.I.Joe to a local toy company. In this case, the Argentinian company "Plastirama" aquired the molds and made these figures. While the figure and accessory quality is quite good, the paint mask is nowhere near as sharp - as you can tell from looking at the action figure's eyes.

Code Name: NINJA KU
FILE NAME: Unknown
GRADE: G-09 (or equivalent)
This sinister character is specially trained to slide among the shadows and to show up in most unsuspected places as fast as a cat does it. He has a super fit body and his training was performed by computers. Always using his knife and his Nunckus, he is a fearful and deadly enemy.

From the collection of: Joaquin Meier
Translation by: Frederico Loizzo


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