Types of slot machines at Bollywood online casino. Overview of winning combinations

Types of slot machines at Bollywood online casino. Overview of winning combinations

The well-known "one-armed bandits" exist in many different forms thanks to the rapid development of Internet technologies. So, today you can see not only classic variants, but also ultra-modern slots with non-standard reels. Let's take a look.

Types of slot machines at the casino Bollywood 

Depending on the number of reels online slots are divided into several categories:

3-reel - this is a classic version, which resembles those very "one-armed bandits" in land-based gambling establishments. Today, such slot machines are losing their former popularity, and they are being replaced by more modern models.

5-reel - is one of the most popular among today's players because of the variety of symbols, game plots and win lines. They also attract gamblers with freespins, multipliers and progressive jackpots. Bollywood casinos.

7-reel - not present in every online casino, but have a lot of fans. They have no bonus rounds and a minimum number of win lines (up to 10), but allow players to get frequent small payments.

9-reel - also found infrequently, but attracting gamblers custom design and exciting bonus modes. Paylines can be vertical and horizontal, and diagonally. In these slots are often supported progressive (accumulative) jackpots.

According to the number of winning lines distinguish single-line and multi-line online slot machines. The first type has only one winning line and resembles retrosloty in land-based gambling establishments. The second has from 3 to 1000 or more paylines. There is also a group of non-linear slots, where the winnings are formed not on the lines, but solely due to different combinations of symbols.

According to the type of jackpots it is necessary to allocate slot machines with the fixed and progressive (cumulative) sums of payments.

Variety of winning combinations

Winning combinations in slots can fall out in two cases: within the active lines and the entire playing field. Previously, the odds of winning could be calculated using a simple formula. For example, in the classic slot machines with 3 reels and 20 symbols, the probability of falling out winning is 1 in 8000 (20x20x20=8,000). By the same token, you can calculate the figure for the machine with 5 reels: 20x20x20x20x20=3,200,000. As a result we get 1 chance to 3 200 000.

In modern slots it is very difficult to calculate the exact probability of winning because of the large number of paylines. However, game developers, as a rule, indicate the percentage of return of money to players in the form of RTP. 

It is also worth noting a large number of paylines does not guarantee big prizes, as the frequency and size of winnings depends on the level of risk (volatility). Slots with high volatility guarantee large but infrequent payouts. In turn, frequent and small payouts are present in slots with low volatility.

Winning combinations in online slot Bollywood number 2 are formed using spetsialnyh icons. For each of them the manufacturer makes a list of such symbols and the payment system.

The most frequent prize symbols in modern slots are the following:

  • Wild - replace other symbols or sectors of the reel to get a winning combination. 

There are several types of wild symbols:

  • Stacked Wild (expanding);
  • Random Wild (random);
  • Expanding Wild (adjacent, filling the whole drum);
  • Extra Wild (fixed).
  • Scatter - forming prize combinations in any position on the screen. 3 or more of these symbols can trigger freespools.
  • Bonus - in certain numbers and sequences activate additional bonus games, such as mini-tournaments, multiplier games, guessing rounds of cards, symbols, etc.

All symbols in the slots have their own value and give various bonuses in certain combinations. They are laid down in the game developer and are deciphered in the section Info. For example, in the game Slot of Money from GameArt at the appearance of three Scatter symbols triggered free spins drums. And in the online machine Taboo from Endorphina on a roll of 3 icons Bonus opens a bonus game with multipliers.

Thus, the winning combinations in different slots have their own differences and are laid down by the developers. The frequency and size of payments to gamblers depend on the level of volatility (risk) of the game, so it is worth adding different slots in online casinos. This will attract as many players as possible: each of them will find entertainment to their liking.


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