Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Walkthrough Tips - Main Quests # 068

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Walkthrough Tips - Main Quests # 068


In the first part of Chapter 7, you'll find 16 collectibles - 1 card, 6 decals, 1 upgrade kit, 2 concept art, 2 gold, and 4 star cards.


Local map.

The location map can be found at the very beginning - at the back of the car crash site.

Gold # 34 - Military Transport

The penultimate gold of this mission can be found right before going out into the street where the resistance is fighting the Nazis.The item is on the top floor - you must punch through the boards covering the entrance to the stairs, climb it and you will reach the collectible. All videos can be site Gay Scat Watch Onlineos 

Gold # 35 - New Body

The last gold of this level can be found near the end, on the lower level, behind the burning barrel.

Concept 34 - Tram maintenance

The final item, as well as the final concept of this level, can be found right before the end of the level in a small building.

Starcard # 55 - James Anderson

The first star card in this level can also be found at the beginning of the level next to the location card.In the next car - the item will be on the chair.

Gold # 36 - Horton

The first gold on this level can be found near the starting point - it is hidden in a nearby building, after the first left.

Letter # 118 - Jennifer's Diary in the Ghetto Haftling

The first sign on this level can be found near the starting point - it is hidden on the first floor of the building to the left of the first street you enter.

Starcard # 56 - Gretchen Green

The second Starcard is hidden in a small building to the right of the street this linear mission took place along.The card is on one of the shelves.

Letter # 119 - America Has Been Liberated

This letter is located in a small building in the southwestern part of the map - a newspaper on a chest of drawers.

Letter No. 120 - Email of Commandant Adler

Another letter can be found in the room where the first enemy commander is located.The item lies on a box near the entrance to one of the rooms.

Letter # 121 - Kommandant Pohl s Email

The second inscription can be found in the building where you encountered the first enemy commander.The item is on the chest of drawers in the northern part of the house.

Concept Art # 35 - Bank of America

This concept art can be found in the same building as the two previous scriptures (# 120 and # 121) and the enemy commander.

Retrofit kit

The only upgrade at this level.

The upgrade kit can be found next to the building with the previous 3 upgrades and the first enemy commander.Run to the other side of the building and exit through the back door.The kit will lie next to the stairs.



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