Guidance and Walkthrough Hitman - Episode 4: Bangkok, Club 27 # 13

Guidance and Walkthrough Hitman - Episode 4: Bangkok, Club 27 # 13

You will finish the trophy on the second approach to the game. Both targets must be killed by throwing coconuts on their heads. This can be done at runtime with Worm Killer. After receiving the chemical and talking to the hotel manager, wait until both cameras are in the room. They appear there from time to time, so be patient.

When both men are in the lobby, go to the technical room where you spray the poison. Now you must act quickly. Run into the gym and pull the unconscious bodies under the nearest coconut tree. Then shoot coconuts with silenced weapons. If you eliminate both goals this way, you should give credit. Remember, however, that your actions may alert the closest hotel guards, be careful!

This is for the king

The easiest way to get started is to dress as a hotel employee or bodyguard. You should also have a weapon with a silencer. While in the hotel lobby, go to the right wing and go to the stairs. When you pass the two guards, turn right, left and right again. You will find yourself in a room with many bookshelves. On some of them, as well as on decorative shelves under the ceiling, you will notice figures of golden elephants.

Your goal is to destroy eighteen figures in the immediate vicinity with your firearm. The challenge is that many hotel staff and bodyguards stick around. Whether you are trying to distract them somehow, or maybe you decide to start shooting and play in a mess, we leave it to you. Below is a map on which we marked all the places with statuettes.

Having destroyed the figurines, run out of the hotel and go to the bridge, that is, to the west. Once you get there, the game should include your achievement.

Bangkok escalation

After completing the five escalation tasks, which you can access from the menu after selecting the current task, you will receive a trophy.

In search of talent

When you finish the Club 27 mission in any way, start it again, but on the task planning screen, select an alternative starting position, as well as delivering one of the weapons to the specified location. A new beginning will be rewarded with this achievement.

Guest performance

You will receive the only silver trophy, taking every opportunity to destroy Jordan Cross and destroy Ken Morgan. There are eight of them. After using all of them, you will be rewarded.

One night in Bangkok

You will reach the 20th level of mastery, completing as many opportunities as possible, dressing as many outfits as possible, collecting good grades for the mission, and also finding items that are crucial to this task. In this last aspect you can find our map of Bangkok useful. Only after reaching the maximum level of skill you will receive a gold trophy. ikea cardiff


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