RGB controller for led strip

RGB controller for led strip

Controllers are small compact devices with which you can control LED light sources.Thanks to the built-in RGB programs, the controller allows you to change colors, adjust the speed and brightness of the glow, create a variety of statistical and dynamic phenomena - flickering, overflow, stroboscopic effect, etc.
Depending on the method of control, RGB controllers are wired and wireless, with a touch, radio frequency or infrared remote control.Each of these types has different technical characteristics and is designed to solve problems of a certain type and complexity.
RGB controller touch
This model is in high demand among buyers.The RGB touch controller is comfortable to use, the control process is carried out by lightly touching the desired icon on the remote control screen.The rich functionality allows you to control the luminous flux of the LED strip, adjust the brightness of the glow, choose the primary colors or create different color shades by mixing them.
WiFi RGB controller
A modern option with unlimited potential.It allows you to control LED lighting via a Wi-Fi network using mobile gadgets, iPad, home PC through a special application.WiFi RGB controller is not only hundreds of various built-in functions and effects, but also the ability to create your own programs.
Radio RGB controller
Radio RGB controller with push-button or touch-type control - a universal radio control device with multicolor LED light strips.Its signal, with a range of up to 50 m, penetrates any obstacles and barriers, including through concrete walls.It can work even out of sight.
Infrared RGB controller
The simplest model designed to control LED strips using an IR signal.The infrared RGB controller works only when the remote control is pointed directly at the tape.The maximum signal range is up to 10 m. It is used to control the lighting of showcases, exhibits, aquariums.
Music device type
Sound control unit for LED strip, equipped with an IR remote control.Special built-in sensors react to sound fluctuations, changing the color scale and brightness of the glow to the beat of the music.
How to choose the right RGB controller model
When choosing a controller, it is necessary to determine which parameters it must correspond to, for this you need to know the main technical characteristics of the product:
· Tension;
· Power;
· Weight and size;
· Number of statistical and dynamic programs and control options.
The voltage of the control device must match the voltage of the LED strip and the power supply.
The power is selected depending on the number of connected light strips with LED sources.
Dimensions and weight are only relevant in cases where special requirements are imposed on the product, for example, if it is necessary to integrate it into a finished product.
Each control unit has its own set of programs, so you should choose a product depending on the place of its use. Fuck, I've been looking for Hentai games in English for a long time. https://myhentai.org/english-games/ best english h games!


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