Resume for Job: How to properly reflect extensive experience on a resume?

Resume for Job: How to properly reflect extensive experience on a resume?

A perfect resume always fits on one or two A4 pages. But how can you fit a track record on two pages if it is more than 10 years old or consists of work in many companies?

When you start preparing a resume for a job, think for a second what it is for. The main task of a resume is to guide the employer in a short time to get acquainted with it (from 30 seconds to 3-4 minutes) which specialist he is dealing with.

The ideal resume is as succinct as possible, essentially a summary of a candidate's education, experience, and key skills and strengths. But not all, but only essential for a particular vacancy. It is important, through the selection of facts, as well as with the help of visual design, to place accents in the resume for work so that the most significant facts of the work biography take the central place in it.


It is recommended for specialists with a long track record to devote 80% of the space in the resume to their experience, dwelling less on education, additional training and hobbies. The same should be done by employees with a relatively short career (for example, 3-4 years), if it is marked by career growth or expansion of the area of responsibility in the last position.

It is worth describing the experience in the last 1-2 positions in more detail. When reading a resume, you should always get the impression that achievements have grown with the development of a career and the most important thing has been achieved in recent years.

Experts with great experience often accumulate a long list of useful trainings in various fields. You can list them all on your best resume writing services online. However, then the resume will grow and the focus in it will "move" to trainings. It's good if all of them are important to a potential employer. However, this is not always the case. The best way out of this situation would be to summarize the trainings and courses passed, highlighting only the most important for the position of the company where you want to get a job.


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