Realtor resume 

Realtor resume 

A real estate agent is not a new profession, such a specialist works in the real estate field and is involved in supporting purchase and sale transactions. This position combines knowledge and skills from different sectors: psychology, marketing, economics, design. It is not so hard to become a realtor but if you want to do this you need to spend some time and effort on the improvement of your communicational skills.

Today, the realtor job is very popular, because people are always interested in real estate, and almost anyone can become an expert in the field - to do this you do not need any special education. Such a specialist does not get a fixed salary, but a commission from each completed with his participation transaction. The realtor's salary depends on the number of deals and the price of contracts.

Realtors work in real estate agencies and other companies that deal with real estate. In addition, realtors can work as free agents, but this is more challenging than working for a company.

Resume for realtors

Let's explore from which points an exciting realtor resume should be composed.

Work experience 

The realtor's previous work experience is not so important because in most cases he learns everything during the working process. Of course, a great advantage over other candidates would be to have experience in sales. After all, the main task of the realtor is to find an approach to the client and to sell the property at the highest price. 

Indicate the name of the company where you have worked, position, the period of employment, accomplishments, and contacts of the referee. The last point will be very helpful because this way the recruiter will see that you are a really good specialist who is recommended by other employers.


It is possible to become a realtor without any special education, many companies prefer to train their employees by themselves. But to become a professional realtor, you can get higher education in the field of real estate expertise and management and actively attend courses and seminars from experts. Such a realtor has a better chance of a successful administrative career in real estate.

Be sure to include at least some education in your resume. Remember all the details and write in the column the name of the university, department, specialization, level of degree, and all the additional courses and certificates.

Proficiency in languages

Every realtor must know several languages. Clients are different and very often they are foreigners that are interested in purchasing local real estate. Realtors must be able to communicate with the customers even if they speak a different language.

If you have knowledge of several languages then state the level of each one. For example:

  • English native
  • German fluent
  • Spanish elementary

Personal qualities

The main thing in this job is to understand the client's request, to choose the best option, and help to make the right, balanced decision, which will be beneficial to all sides. Therefore, communication is the most important skill for a person who has decided to become a realtor. 

Also, specify other important qualities:

  • responsibility
  • stress resistance
  • punctuality 
  • patience

Professional Photo

Of course, it is very important for any sales professional to look good, because visual contact plays a crucial role in influencing the client. Visit a reputable photography studio and take a few professional photos, attach the best one to your resume.

In conclusion, no matter if you actually worked in the field of sales, you have a great chance of convincing a recruiter to hire you. All you need is a well-written resume and confidence in your own abilities.


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