Description of Movies # 200

Description of Movies # 200

1. A young and pretty girl Harley Quinn, suddenly got nervous and decided to end the relationship with her beloved.Her boyfriend Joker was confused but couldn't help it.Harley Queen herself is quite open, she told about her problem to all the inhabitants of Gotham, naturally she could not do without noise in her hometown.This time, the chemical plant, which is located on the outskirts of the town, was seriously damaged.Harley Queen, of course, lost her immunity and at this time a colossal reward was announced for her body, the main criminalistic organizations of the town began to hunt her and, naturally, asocial citizens seeking revenge and earn a bobble by shooting her.
Meanwhile, while the process of the round-up on Harley is thoroughly going on, the criminal father of the city and just an understanding person is trying to uncover the stolen expensive stone.To the surprise of everyone, he was dragged away by a little thief, naturally behind her is a more powerful leader.A search has begun, which pushes several enemies to each other.

2. Quinn, suddenly became psychotic and decided to break off a wonderful relationship with her beloved.Her boyfriend Joker, of course, was in a depressed mood, but he could not help it.Queen herself is unusually open, she told the whole town of Gotham about this parting, of course, it was not without fire in her city.This time, a chemical compound plant on the edge of the town was affected.Queen lost her immunity and at the moment a large reward has been announced for her scalp, the criminal organizations of the town and, of course, antisocial citizens who want to take revenge and earn bucks on her search began to hunt Harley.
At that moment, while there is a plan of interception for the beautiful Queen, the main crime boss and just an understanding person wants to find the lost gem.To envy, he was dragged away by a little thief, behind which is a more majestic leader.A search began, capable of bringing several enemies face to face.

3. Lera broke up with her husband about ten years ago.During this time, she was never able to find her new love.But Lera does not even think about it, because her life has already begun to take shape perfectly.Her career took off, her son was able to successfully enter college.But she was engaged in raising him on her own.
One day, returning home late in the evening, a drunk man began to molest a woman.Leroux was saved by a bystander named Ilya.Such a strange and casual acquaintance gradually developed into a real relationship.Lera again felt loved and desired.She again felt like a happy woman.But the idyll did not last long, because, as it turned out, Ilya himself set up this strange attack. Potenzmittel rezeptfrei


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