Nandrolone esters

Nandrolone esters

We will consider only those of them that contain nandrolone decanoate or nandrolone phenylpropionate as an active ingredient. But we will also try to give general information about other esters of this steroid. And for starters, three interesting facts concerning not only nandrolone, but anabolic steroid esters in general.

  1. More "long-lived" ethers are able to provide a more stable level of the active substance in blood plasma, although higher peak rates are inherent in ethers with a shorter ether chain.
  2. Nandrolone itself is slightly less in decanoate than in phenylpropionate. This is due to the fact that the ester chain of the decanoate has a higher molecular weight than the ester chain of phenylpropionate; with an equal amount of esters, more nandrolone is found in the one with less "ballast".
  3. The concentration of the active substance in the solution is also of great importance - the higher it is, the more effective the drug is. As for nandrolone, preparations with a concentration of 100 mg / ml are 30-50% more effective than their four times less "concentrated" counterparts. Price Nandrolone Besides decanoate and phenylpropionate, there are other esters of nandrolone. In Italy and France under the trade mark "dinabolone" a rather rare ester of nandrolone - undecanoate was produced. The ester chain of undecanoate has one more carbon atom compared to the ester chain of decanoate, therefore the half-life of the drug was slightly longer - 9-12 days.

Another drug that is a fairly rare guest on our market is lorabolin (nandrolone lo-rat). Lorabolin is an injectable veterinary steroid manufactured primarily by the Mexican company Intervet and its Dutch subsidiary. Nandrolone laurate - the active ingredient of lorabolin - has an even longer ether chain than nandrolone undecaonate, therefore, the half-life is longer - 12-16 days. Otherwise, lorabolin is a common nandrolone, with all the advantages and disadvantages inherent in this steroid. And, finally, the last of the "unconventional" esters of nandrolone - hexyloxiphenylpropionate (anadur). This is the most "long-lived" of the milestones of nandrolone esters, the period of its life reaches 20-25 days.


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