<h1> Guild Wars: Prophecies Main Missions # 010 Walkthrough Tips </h1>

<h1> Guild Wars: Prophecies Main Missions # 010 Walkthrough Tips </h1>

Further on, the road is quite straight, so the map is no longer needed.After you go down the stairs, your path will be blocked by a fan, which you can turn off with a lever on the wall.
Walk straight and jump down to the platform at the bottom of the road.Go through the next fan - as soon as you go over it, it will start spinning.Immediately behind it is another drawing (Child's drawing No. 12).
If you have a fan behind you, go right.You will be taken to a room where one fan is spinning and the other is dead.Get through it.
Behind him is a locked door, and on the left is leather that can be torn with a knife.So use a knife and push through the gap.Destroy the swarm and pull the lever to turn off the other fan.
Please note that you are in the place where you were.However, this time the floor fan is not working, so you can go down.
A corridor leads to a room filled with fans and levers that need to be adjusted properly to keep the fans from working.
Start by going under the inactive fan on the left and under the next to get Serum # 4.
The levers are numbered, so just switch them in the following order:
The fans on the right will be turned off and you can go through.Go down the stairs and save the game.
Go down the stairs and follow the road.Another serious battle awaits you behind the next door.Talk to Fitch and watch the cut-scene.
This boss is much more difficult than the previous one and will probably completely strip you of ammo and healing drinks.
Scarlet, above all, is extremely resilient.Its first form is a porcelain dummy, which is best attacked with a crowbar.Avoid hitting it and strike shortly with the crowbar.It will take a long time, but in the end you will be able to use a combo that will kill you.

Bariel Darkroot (Collector)
5 alpine seeds: precious chakram (energy +12, requires 9 magic of inspiration), earth staff (energy +10, Earth damage: 11-22, requires 9 magic of earth, two-handed), precious chalice (energy +12, requires 9 Magic of illusion), Scroll (Energy +12, requires 9 Earth Magic), Bow of Ascalon (Piercing Damage: 15-28, requires 9 Accuracy, Two-handed).
Ice floe
Turlo Oak Spear (Collector)
7 Cold Hearts: Leather Leggings (Armor: 70).
Snake dance
Hagnon Warblade (Collector)
5 wings of the ice griffin: cane (chaos damage: 11-22, requires 9 illusion magic), ice artifact (energy +12, requires 9 water magic), crimson shell shield (armor: 16, requires 9 tactics), free porn comics from comixxx.net


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