How do foreign DJs become stars with the help of ghost producers?

How do foreign DJs become stars with the help of ghost producers?

What is Ghost Production?

For those who have long dreamed of becoming a DJ, but also for music producers, the Exclusive Ghost Production is an essential platform.
We are talking about Ghost Production, an intermediary company between clients and producers.
Not everyone can write quality and interesting music. The company deals with the sale and transfer of copyrights for music.


How to quickly pick up a Ghost Track?

Here you can very easily and quickly find the right song in the genre you are interested in.
Certain categories have been created on the site, it saves a lot of time for searching and selecting products.


What conditions are provided to Ghost Producers and Buyers?

Ghost producers can get acquainted with all the necessary requirements and offer the service cooperation.
For clients - anonymous transactions, transfer of rights to music strictly by legal documents.
Producers have a right to offer their own price for the composition from $199 to $999, but the final price is coordinated and set by the manager.
Opportunities are open to DJs, products are provided that can advance an artist's career.


What does Exclusive Ghost Production provide?

Professional profile services are Exclusive Ghost Production.
All transactions take place through the payment system PayPal.
Composition files are located on DropBox.
This is only a small part of the services provided.

How to start cooperation with the company?



To start cooperation, you need to go to the website and get acquainted with the company's offers.


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