A resume that will impress the employer

A resume is your portrait. It provides basic information about your work experience and skills. How well your resume is written will determine whether the employer will notice you or not.

Criteria for a good resume:

  • Clarity
  • Structured
  • Expressive

A vivid resume

1. Fully reflects the goals of the applicant. Not only professional, but also personal. Personal is what you will get out of the job.

2. In the resume inserted a decent photo of you in business style. This is very important because I came across resumes where the photos were very informal. Such people seem unserious and unprofessional and are not trustworthy as professionals.

3. A resume describes what the person has accomplished.

4. Your hobbies describe you. Try to include on your resume hobbies that are relevant to the job you're applying for and that emphasize the qualities you need.

5. A good resume is structured and neat. A chronology is maintained, with clear descriptions of responsibilities in your positions and accomplishments.

6. A resume should give the impression of you as a self-sufficient person who loves his or her job. It is good if it is "tailored" to a particular job, read with fresh brain and checked by someone close to you, or a specialist. A specialist who fix my resume can be found online.

7. A good resume characterizes you even better if it is sent together with a motivation letter.

8. Pay attention, all the contact information should be fresh, so that the HR person does not have to search for you on the Internet networks.

9. Look if your CV describes your skills well, read what skills are required for a certain job and what other people write in their CVs. Maybe something will come in handy for you. Indicate in your resume what trainings you have taken that are useful for the job.

10. Your resume should describe you as a person with leadership skills, who is aware of why he/she chose this particular education, why he/she wants to work in this particular position, and what exactly he/she wants from the job.


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