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F.A.Q.s and Features

G.I.Joe FAQ:
The answers to most of your questions - G.I.Joe: A Real American FAQ.

The Pit - G.I.Joe Mailing List FAQ:
A list of Frequently (and even not-so frequently) Asked Questions about the G.I.Joe Mailing List.

Articles and Guides

Repairing/Restoring your Figures:
How to restore your action figures to prime combat condition.

G.I.Joe in Europe:
Europe had G.I.Joe - but it wasn't always the same G.I.Joe.

Variation Section:
A work-in-progress chronicling variants from the G.I.Joe action figures, vehicles, and filecards.
(Click HERE to see the previous list hosted by Brian Holst.)

Construction FAQ:
John Missal's descriptions of the various construction types of G.I.Joe figures.

Birthplace FAQ:
Bobby Pirri has assembled a list of the birthplaces of all the G.I.Joe characters.
(Edited 10/ 28/04 by: Daryn Marshall)

Feature Character Spotlights

Cobra Commander (2/03):
Cobra Commander is profiled in the first Feature Character Spotlight.

Zartan (4/03):
Zartan is profiled in the second Feature Character Spotlight.

Serpentor (6/03):
Serpentor commands the third Feature Character Spotlight.

Falcon (8/03):
Falcon is the first Joe to steal the Spotlight from Cobra.

Cover Girl (10/03):
Cover Girl is the first female to be spotlighted.

Flint (12/03):
Flint closes out the first year of the Feature Character Spotlight.

Destro (2/04):
Destro brings us into the second year of the Feature Character Spotlight.

Beachhead (4/04):
Beachhead takes his place in the Feature Character Spotlight.

Doc (5/04):
Doc is the star of the ninth Feature Character Spotlight.

Firefly (10/04):
The FCS returns with Firefly!

Breaker (1/05):
The FCS covers another fallen hero.

The Flaggs



Flaggs 2000:

Flaggs 2001:

Flaggs 2002:


Larry Hama Interview (12/97):
An interview with Larry Hama - writer of the G.I.Joe comic books and G.I.Joe filecards.

G.Wayne Miller Interview:
An interview with G.Wayne Miller - author of Toy Wars.

Spencer Michlin Interview (9/00):
An interview with Spencer Michlin - co-writer of the unforgettable G.I.Joe theme song.

Brandon Jerwa Interview (4/03):
An interview with Brandon Jerwa - writer of the G.I.Joe Frontline comic book, issues #11 - #14.

TCG Interview (3/04):
An interview with Wizards of the Coast about the upcoming Trading Card Game.

Michael Horn Interview (8/04):
An interview with Michael Horn - President & CEO of Palisades, creators of the G.I.Joe statues and busts.

Josh Blaylock Interview (1/05):
An interview with Josh Blaylock - President & Founder of Devil's Due Publishing. Josh clears up some of the rumors surrounding the comic book.


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