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The Flaggs FAQ

This is a list of frequently asked questions (or, what I think will be frequently asked questions) about the FLAGGS awards show.

1. What are/is the FLAGGS?

The FLAGGS is an anual award show, where we commemorate the best, and worst, of GIJoe : A Real American Hero , on many levels. We vote for best toons, comics, figures,
websites and much, much more. At the end of every year, a form is send to the Pit mailing list, and to other lists.
Additionally, from 2002 on, voting is open to everybody,
as the FLAGGS ballot is posted on this website too.
On this form, you can nominate, and vote, for what you
think are the best/worst aspects you've seen in GIJoe :
RAH. When all forms have been collected, the award show is
written, featuring hosts, guest stars, and, off course,
the results!

2. Can anyone vote?

Only members (or former members, if you left after filling out the form) of the Pit mailing list could vote in the
first year, plus several others I invited in the second
year. From 2002 on, everybody can vote.

3. Can I suggest categories/questions?

Yes, There's a small section at the bottom of the FLAGGS form, where you can make suggestions, additionally, feel free to send suggestions throughout the year to me.
([email protected])

4. Hey, waitaminute, this looks awfully familiar! Aren't you ripping of the Trannies?

Why...yes. Your point? : )
Actually, the concept is indeed the same as the trannies, the annual Transformers awards show from Alt.Toys.Transformers. Created by Robert Jung. I've taken many elements from there. But rest assured, before starting this, I asked, and recieved Robert's permission and blessing.

5. Why isn't there a "best writer" category under "Comics"?

Because I feel it's a pointless question. Very few comics have not been written by Larry
Hama, and he would win by a landslide anyway. Landslide victories are possible in
other categories too, but I'll think of something for those next year.
Course, with the new Image comic, this might change, but
I'm waiting to give the Image guys a chance to get a
decent number of comics out.

6. What do you do in case of a two-way tie?

Then it goes to the judges!!
wich basically means I decide the winner. By carefull consideration if I know enough
about the two "finalists", or by flipping a coin.

7. So what in case of a THREE-way tie?

Oh, for crying out..... In that case I decide based on carefull consideration or by rolling
a dice. And before you ask, in case of a seven or seventeen or whatever way tie, I'll
roll as many dice as it takes!

8. Why aren't there categories about Savage, Extreme or the 12" Joes?

Well, I suppose you could nominate them in some categories anyway, but basically,
I didn't include them because I know little about them, they don't interest me, and IMO,
they are too far away from 3.3/4" RAH.

9. Can I vote for myself in the appropriate categories?

Off course you can! Just be aware that, in that case, your comment could be added to the FLAGGS, weither you picked to vote "ANON" or not.

10. I demand a recount! Ice Cream Soldier CAN'T be the most popular figure!

.... Be prepared for surprises when you read the FLAGGS !

Created by Timmer
This document may not be reproduced without giving credit.

I like writing FAQ's, don't I ?