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Here are some people I'd like to thank !

First off, a big thank you goes to Robert Jung, the man
who created the Trannies, the award show for Transformers
and Transformer fans that the FLAGGS are based on ! Rob
was kind enough to let me use the idea.
If you liked the FLAGGS, check out the Trannies !

Rob's Transformers page

And then off course, we have Joe Harris, who was kind
enough to create the FLAGGS AWARD graphics that can
be seen on the homepage, and on several FLAGG winner's sites.

And let's not forget Will Horst, who supplied the dio
picture of those three carriers (no, they're not mine)

And finally, a BIG thank you to all those who voted in
the very first award show, couldn't have done it without
you !

Thanks guys !

yo joe !