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Publisher: Marvel Comics
Issue Date: February 1988
Series: The Yearbooks
Issue Number: 4

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Trade-Offs (An Original Story) The October Guard sneaks onto Cobra Island with the mission of capturing Cobra Commander. The Joes follow them. Fred VII is discovered by Serpentor to be an imposter. A BAT replaces Fred in Cobra Commander's battle armor which is then kidnapped by the October Guard. As they escape, the BAT kills itself. The Joes and October Guard are forced to fight together to escape from Cobra Island.

Bystander (An Original Story) Snake-Eyes is in a gas station when a robbery is attempted. Snake-Eyes takes out the three robbers and then walks out to Scarlett waiting in the car.

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Table of Contents:

GI Joe: Trade-Offs (An Original Story) An all new tale, featuring GI Joe's favorite bad guys - Cobra. (Baroness and Fred VII start a relationship) (Serpentor & Dr. Mindbender discover Fred VII is Cobra Commander imposter)

And The Adventure Continues An up to date survey of all the best of GI Joe and Cobra action for the past year. Excepts from issues: #57,#58,#59,#60,#61,#62,#63,#64, #65,#66,#67,#68

Gallery of Covers A year in the life of GI Joe covers, from issues #57-68

GI Joe : Bystander (An Original Story) A brand new seven page story, featuring GI Joe favorites Scarlett and Snake-Eyes.

Major Players

Joes: Cutter, Torpedo, Wet Suit
Additional Joe Appearances: Hawk, Deep Six, Shipwreck

Cobra: Baroness, Croc Master, Dr. Mindbender, Fred VII (Cobra Commander), Serpentor, Zartan

October Guard: Colonel Brekhov, Schrage, Stormavik, Diana, Horror Show Bystander
Joes: Scarlett, Snake-Eyes

Additional Characters: Gas Station attendants Bob (deceased) & Tracy, Robbers: Earl, Turtle.

Creative Team

Script: Larry Hama,
Art: Herb Trimpe,
Coloring: Nel Yomtov,
Lettering: Joe Rosen,
Editor: Bob Harras,
Editor in Chief: Tom DeFalco
Cover Artist: Herb Trimpe

Script: Larry Hama,
Art: Tony Salmons,
Colors: Bob Sharen,
Lettering: Bill Oakley,
Editor: Bob Harras,
Editor in Chief: Tom DeFalco

Full Details

Trade-Offs (An Original Story)
Stormavik and Schrage, of the October Guard, are off loading from a Russian submarine just off the Coast of Cobra Island.

Cutter and Shipwreck in WHALE see the sub and fire warning shots to make it go under. Schrage and Stormavik are trying to sneak away on a rubber raft boat, when their motor just stops. Wet Suit and Torpedo come up out of the water, having stopped the motor from underneath. The WHALE arrives and they are now GI Joe captives.

On another rubber raft boat, Horror Show, Diana and Colonel Brekhov have just watched their fellow October Guardsmen be captured by the Joes. They are proceeding with their mission anyway. Their covert mission is to capture Cobra Commander.

At the Cobra Amphitheater, Fred VII (Cobra Commander) has just finished giving a very short, uninspiring speech that has just started a party that includes fireworks. The Baroness meets him on a balcony in private.

On Cobra Island, Croc Master becomes aware of the October Guards presence. He sends his alligators after the October Guard. As the fireworks go off, the October Guard starts shooting and blowing up the alligators. Wet Suit and Torpedo, also on Cobra Island, watch the entire fight against the alligators.

On a private balcony off the amphitheater, the Baroness is wondering why Fred, who has taken off his Cobra Commander helmet, didn't give the speech she wrote for him, he says it was boring, and pulls her close to kiss her. She kisses back. In the bushes below, Serpentor and Dr. Mindbender observe them, and they get their official confirmation that Cobra Commander is an imposter. The Baroness spots the explosions of the alligators out in the swamp and breaks off the kiss to lead a patrol.

Before Fred gets the chance to put his helmet back on a BAT controled by Serpentor knocks him out. They then put the now deactivated BAT inside Cobra Commander's battle armor. Just as they finish, the October Guard enter the room knocking out both Serpentor and Dr. Mindbender. They take the Commander, now a deactivated BAT, thinking it is the real Cobra Commander.

Torpedo and Wet Suit, having taken out Croc Master, continue to watch the October Guard as they capture Cobra Commander.

Horror Show, now carrying the Cobra Commander/BAT, along with the rest of the October Guard are making their escape back to the sub when they are spotted by the Baroness' patrol. A fire fight between Cobra and the October Guard starts Wet Suit and Torpedo get caught up in the fight, and an easy truce is made between the Guard and GI Joe. They both fight there way to the docks. Where they divide up.

The Guard, with the deactivated BAT as Cobra Commander, climbs into a Mamba helicopter to escape with Diana as the pilot. The Joes grab a Hydrofoil and escape by sea. Serpentor recovers and sees that Fred has already left he room. He activates the BAT in berserker mode. As soon as Serpentor hits that button the BAT stands up in the helicopter getting cut apart by the rotors.

Wet Suit and Torpedo are being chased by the Baroness, when the WHALE comes to their rescue, she forced to retreat. A few minutes later, Cutter makes a deal with the Russians the captured Schrage and Stormavik for the captured Mamba.

Back on Cobra Island, the Baroness reports that Cobra Commander is dead but Fred VII walks in wearing a back up suit of Cobra Commander's battle armor.

Bystander (An Original Story)
Scarlett & Snake-Eyes pull up to a gas station. Snake-Eyes goes in to buy something to drink, as he is shopping three guys come in to rob the place. One of the robbers holds Snake-Eyes at gun point. The attendant tries to hit the alarm and is shot. Snake-Eyes knocks out the guy holding him at gun point. Then throwing a 6 pack at another gun man, attacks the third guy, once he is knocked out, Snake-Eyes goes looking for Mr. 6 pack. He is actually hiding around the corner. Using lighter fluid Snake-Eyes makes a line of gas going from the guy to around the corner. He lights the gas and runs out just as the entire gas station is about to go up in flames.

All Scarlett can say as she waits in the car is "I'm not going to ask. Just get in the car and fix your mask."

Summary by Josh Eggebeen