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Publisher: Marvel Comics
Issue Date: March 1987
Series: The Yearbooks
Issue Number: 3

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Hush Job (An Original Story) A Silent story. Scarlett and Storm Shadow invade the Cobra Consulate to rescue Snake-Eyes. Along the way Storm Shadow fights some of the Red Ninjas, Scarlett steals the Baroness' costume and Snake-Eyes prevents any brainwave scanning from Dr. Mindbender. Scarlett dressed as the Baroness escorts Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow out of the burning Consulate.

My Dinner with Serpentor (An Original Story) Serpentor and Dr. Mindbender are severed donuts, grape soda and pizza by the Dreadnoks. Dr. Mindbender is furious but Serpentor goes into a story about the first time he saw pizza. A memory from his Roman era personality, one of his soldiers is making a version of pizza from his stale pita bread, and he has the idea spread throughout the Roman army.

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Alternate Covers

Notes of Interest

Table of Contents: GI Joe: Hush Job (An Original Story) An all new GI Joe silent story, featuring all the old favorite classic Joes. (Story continues from Issues #56)

The Joes on the Television. Catch a glimpse at what goes into the making of the smash television animation series.

Gallery of Covers A year in the life of GI Joe covers, from issues #45-56

The Adventure Continues An up to date on all the best of GI Joe and Cobra action for the past year. Excepts from issues: #44, #45, #46, #47, #48, #49,#50, #51,#52,#53,#54,#55#56,

GI Joe: My Dinner with Serpentor (An Original Story) A brand new five page story by Larry Hama, Mike Zeck and Dennis Janke

Pin-Up Gallery Seven all new poster Pin-ups. Zandar, Zarana, Dreadnoks, Serpentor, Dr. Mindbender, Hawk, Lady Jaye

Major Players

Hush Job Joes: Scarlett, Snake-Eyes, Storm Shadow, Timber
Additional Joe Appearances: Slip Stream, Stalker, Hawk, Hard Master

Cobra: Baroness, Dr. Mindbender

My Dinner with Serpentor
Cobra: Serpentor, Dr. Mindbender
Dreadnoks: Buzzer, Ripper, Torch

Additional characters (all memories from Serpentor): Roman Army's Propraetor (Serpentor) & Centurion + Signifier and Chief of the Gauls Vercingetorix.

Creative Team

Hush Job
Story: Larry Hama,
Pencils: Ron Wagner,
Inks Kim Demulder,
Colors: Max Scheele,
Editor: Bob Harras,
Editor in Chief: Jim Shooter
Cover Artist: Mike Zeck and John R. Beatty

My Dinner with Serpentor
Script: Larry Hama,
Art: Mike Zeck & Dennis Janke,
Colors: Janet Jackson,
Letters: Ken Lopez

Pin-Ups Cover Artist: Mike Zeck,
Inks: Palmer Rubinstein, Janke, Wiacek, Russel

Full Details

Hush Job (An Original Story)
A Silent story. The captured Snake-Eyes arrives at the Cobra Consulate in New York City. Scarlett drops in on Storm Shadow and Timber out at Snake-Eyes' former cabin in the High Sierras to recruit him for a rescue operation.

Storm Shadow accesses the building through the basement; Scarlett dressed up as a cleaning lady walks in the front door pushing a vacuum cleaner.

Snake-Eyes is put in the brainwave scanner, again. This time his memories of Vietnam, with Stalker & Storm Shadow, come up on the screen but nothing else does.

Scarlett's cover is blown by the Baroness, but when she opens the vacuum cleaner to inspect it. Timber jumps out, giving Scarlett the diversion that she needed.

In the basement, Storm Shadow encounters 4 Red Ninjas; he fights with them but has to run from them because his mission is to rescue Snake-Eyes. But he starts a fire that will later burn most of the building.

Snake-Eyes is able to overload the brainwave scanner causing the screen to blow up and freeing him from the chair. He is tackled by several vipers. Storm Shadow enters the room and throws a sword to Snake-Eyes, who then quickly dispatches the vipers around him. The Red Ninjas return to surround them. As the Red Ninjas close their circle around them, Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow flip over the ninjas and run out into the lobby of the building. In the lobby, there is a full squad of vipers at the ready.

The Baroness comes up behind them with a gun in each hand pointed at each one's head. She walks them to the exit and then out onto the street. Scarlett removes the black wig revealing that she has disguised her as the Baroness. Snake-Eyes is free.

Dr. Mindbender, who had hid in the stairwell, finds the tied up Baroness in a closet.

My Dinner with Serpentor (An Original Story) Dr. Mindbender and Serpentor sit down for dinner. The Dreadnoks serve donuts, grape soda and pizza. Dr. Mindbender is furious and claims that pizza is unfit for the greatests military leader in history. Serpentor then begins to recount a story form his Roman era personality, about the creation of pizza.

The Roman army has surrounded the Gaul town of Alesia. As Serpentor, actually Propraetor, is walking through his camp he is very concerned about his men's morale. Talking with a Centurion, his is looking for a morale booster, because he knows his men are hungry. He walks to a group of soldiers who are eating. One, the signifier, has found an interesting and tasty way to eat his stale pita bread.

By adding oil from crushed olives, rinds, sliced olives, meat scraps and cheese all on top of the pita bread, then toasted nicely makes for a very good meal out of the stale pita bread. Propraetor asks the Centurion to spread this little pita bread trick around the army.

Later, the Gaul's attack and are defeated, allowing the Roman army to conquer Alesia (modern day France and Belgium).

It was just a random memory of Serpentor.

Joes on Television

After a brief history of the GI Joe cartoon: animated cartoon commercials where originally created to help sell the comic and toy line when GI Joe was first release in 1982. A miniseries was aired in 1983 along with more commercials, in 1984 another miniseries aired to great success and finally in 1985 GI Joe got its own daily cartoon that played in coveted after school time slot.

The article follows with a description of how the cartoons are made. That process is as follows: Starting with a Sunbow script, those scripts are then turned into storyboards, a Production Supervisor evaluates the budget, then actors are brought in to record voiceovers, soundtracks are created, and once Marvel, Hasbro and Sunbow give their approval. The work is sent to Japan to finish the animation. Once the animation is finished everything is filmed, which allows for editing back in America.

A new miniseries is being produced, that goes along with the daily show, called Arise, Serpentor, Arise. A hint of something greater then Cobra is talked about.

Buzz Dixon, the cartoon's story editor, talks about some of the characters that have developed over the last year including Lifeline, Cross Country, Lift Ticket and Dial Tone as well as Cobra's Dr. Mindbender, Night Ravens pilots, Arctic Vipers, Sea Vipers and the BATS.

For 1987 much is expected including a Cobra restructuring, introduction of new Joes Beach Head, Leatherneck and Wet Suit, more high tech weapons from both the Joes and Cobra and lots of action.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen