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Publisher: Marvel Comics
Issue Date: March 1986
Series: The Yearbooks
Issue Number: 2

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The October Guard has new laser cannon they are testing. Cobra sets up an ambush and steals it from them. Then October Guard steals it back, and takes a train that is rerouted by the GI Joe team. When the train comes to its final destination at the port, the Joes are waiting to take the laser cannon from the October Guard.

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Notes of Interest

Table of Contents

GI Joe Triple Play (An Original Story) In the mountains of Afghanistan, the Joes, the October Guard and Cobra fight for survival...and for a prize that could alter the balance of world power. (First Appearance of October Guard Dragonsky)

The Joes on the Tube The real story behind the smash GI Joe television show.

Gallery of Covers A look back at good reading: Every GI Joe cover ever published. Covers #1-#44

An advertisement for the USS Flagg aircraft carrier.

The Adventure Continues Bringing you up to date on everything the Joes have done for the past year. Excepts from issues: #26, #27, #32, #33, #34, #35, #36, #37, #38, #39, #40, #41, #42, #43.

Major Players

Joes: Alpine, Flint, Stalker, Duke, Footloose, Rip Cord, Spirit
Additional Joe Appearances: Airtight, Bazooka, Blowtorch, Breaker, Cutter, Deep Six, Grunt, Gung-Ho, Mutt & Junkyard, Recondo, Roadblock, Rock 'n' Roll, Scarlett, Shipwreck, Snake-Eyes, Torpedo, Zap

Cobra: Baroness, Destro, Firefly,

October Guard: Colonel Brekhov, Horror Show, Diana, Schrage, Stormavik, Dragonsky

Creative Team

None credited.

Cover Artist: Michael Golden

Full Details

Triple Play (An Original Story)
A new laser cannon is being tested by the October Guard on Afghan tribesmen in Afghanistan. The tribesmen lead Diana, who is flying the helicopter that has the laser canon on it, into a Cobra trap. Destro and the Baroness fire over the helicopter causing it to crash, but safely protecting the laser cannon. Cobra now controls the laser cannon. October Guard members Schrage and Diana are taken captive, as Colonel Brekhov, Horror Show and Stormavik also in a damaged helicopter crash away from the ambush.

Colonel Brekhov then leads an assault on the Cobra convoy: first destroying the HISS tank that is carrying the laser, Firefly and the Baroness, with the captured Diana & Schrage wreck their Stinger allowing the October Guard members to escape, Horror Show steals the laser from Cobra and finally the October Guard are able to take off with the laser cannon.

A small Joe team, including Stalker, Flint, Spirit, Rip Cord and Footloose, has been watching this whole fight. They have an old mosquito World War II bomber hidden away, which they use to track the Russian's path.

The October Guard's plan is to load the vehicles onto a train car, along with the laser, that will take them to the port of Gavader in Iran for loading onto a Russian submarine. The train is driven by new October Guard member Dragonsky.

Along the way, Cobra attacks with Rattlers. The Rattlers are destroyed but not before causing lots of damage to the train. Firefly blows up a bridge that destroys the vehicles and the air cover of the train. But the laser cannon is still controlled by the October Guard.

The Joes have landed ahead of the train and switched the line, which will now send the train to Karachi, Pakistan. Cobra tries to board the train, but Dragonsky and Colonel Brekhov destroy the Cobra helicopters, but Destro and the Baroness are able to get on the train. As the train pulls into the port and stops a large group of GI Joes, along with Stalker's team get the drop on both the October Guard and Cobra stealing the laser cannon from both.

Joes on Television This article goes into detail of how each episode is made. Buzz Dixon gives hints for what is coming in the 1986 season, as well as a focus change from Cobra conquering the whole world plots to smaller more personal battles. Plus, 1986 is to be more based on the real world situations, no more space or other dimensions type of storylines.

Here is the process that each episode goes through: Starting with a Sunbow script, those scripts are then turned into storyboards, actors are brought in to record voiceovers, soundtracks are created, and once Marvel, Hasbro and Sunbow give their approval. The work is sent to Japan to finish the animation. Once the animation is finished everything is filmed, which allows for editing back in America.

Story editor Buzz Dixon then goes on to give a brief description of the new characters: Low Light, Dial Tone, Lifeline, Slip Stream, Lift Ticket, Mainframe and Cross Country as well as new Cobra's Dr. Mindbender, Zarana, Zandar, two new Dreadnoks Thrasher and Monkeywrench and the BATS, plus the creation of Serpentor and the destruction of the USS Flagg.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen