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Publisher: Marvel Comics
Issue Date: March 1985
Series: The Yearbooks
Issue Number: 1

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A complete reprint of Issue #1 story Operation: Lady Doomsday as well as "The Pit" map, dossiers, series summary, cartoon preview.

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Table of Contents

GI Joe Operation Lady Doomsday Presenting the first ever GI Joe adventure, complete and uncut.

The Saga Continues Everything that's happened since that first adventure. Exerts from Issues #8, #10, #11, #12,#13,#14 #15,#16, #22,#25,

The Pit From the top secret files of GI Joe: a look at the Joes' old headquarters and their ultra modern new base deep beneath the Chaplains' Assistant school at Fort Wadsworth.

Profiles All the inside info on some of your favorite Joes.

GI Joe on Television The Joes bring their brand of excitement to the home screen.

Major Players

Dossiers for: Joes: Snake-Eyes, Cutter, Rock 'n' Roll, Duke, Recondo, Tripwire, Blowtorch, Deep Six, Roadblock, Rip Cord, Mutt, Spirit, Steeler Cobra: Cobra Commander, Copperhead, Firefly, Storm Shadow, Baroness, Major Bludd, Wild Weasel, Scrap Iron, Destro, Zartan,

Creative Team

Issue 1 Reprint

Scripter: Larry Hama, Penciler: Herb Trimpe, Inker: Bob McLeod, Letter: Jim Novak, Colorist: Glynis Wein, Editor: Tom DeFalco, Editor-in-Chief: Jim Shooter

Full Details

Operation Lady Doomsday See Issue #1.

GI Joe on Television

This is an article promoting the upcoming debut of the GI Joe cartoon.

The article gives a brief history of GI Joe from Hasbro & Marvel's point of view during the 1982 simultaneous launch of the comic book & the toy line. On the day the toy line was launched, an animated commercial that told the story of comic issue #1 aired across the nation. This was (as maybe still is) the only comic book series to ever have its own television commercial aired. This prompted sell outs of the toy line and the comic book at most retail locations. Additional, animated commercials where produced and aired that were based on the comic book stories. At the same time, work began on a mini-series that consists of 5 half hour segments to be aired nationally in 1983 on consecutive weekdays in the coveted after school time slot. More commercials based on the comics were aired and another miniseries was produced and aired in 1984. Each of these miniseries received great ratings and much attention all leading up to GI Joe getting its own daily series. The regular daily series first began airing in 1985.

All of this took place between the launch in 1982 and the beginning of the daily series 1985.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen