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In the summer of 2009 in connection with the release of the GI Joe movie, publisher Panini Books released in English a UK Edition of 3 different GI Joe trade paperbacks that were originally created by IDW Publishing. These books are the traditional size of trade paperbacks. For these books, the interior contents are exactly the same as the US versions, the main differences for the UK versions are that the cover has a slight difference (usually adding credits on the bottom) and in the interior copyright information section it says "UK Edition". Additionally, the back cover is also very different.

As a side note for each of these books the cover images that are connected to the book and displayed at websites like Amazon.co.uk and turnaround-uk.com have the cover image incorrect. Click to see examples of the different covers post For the Best of GI Joe, the cover at these sites appears to advertise the IDW version of the Marvel trade that contains issues #1-10, the actual book that is sold is a regular trade size version of the The Best of Larry Hama. For the other two even though the cover image is different at least the contents of the book match.

The cover images that are displayed here are actual scans of the books received from ordering these books. It is unknown if covers posted actually exist.

Best of GI Joe
The Rise of
Cobra Prequel

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