Action Force Süper Joe

Süper Joe was released in Turkish on a monthly basis by Marvel Cizgi-Roman Yayinlari in the late 1980's. These were in digest size. And unique to Turkey they were printed in black and white. (At the time all comics in Turkey were printed in black and white and in digest size).

Each comic contained 68 pages, generally 3 US issues per comic. The run consisted of 7 issues covering the first 19 Marvel issues. Part way through the Action Force name was added to the Süper Joe title.

After the 7 issues, several trade paperbacks in digest size were also released. These each contained two of the Turkish comics, which actually equaled 6 of the US comics.

Curiously, the covers for the Order of Battle & Yearbooks were used for several of the issues when the content was just the regular comic issues. (Trade #2 is the back cover of Yearbook #4)

Issue 1
Issue 2
Issue 3
Issue 4
Issue 5
Issue 6
Issue 7

Trade Paperbacks

Issue 1
Issue 2

Courtesy of Firat Kayhan some of the Joes codenames that were changed have been translated.
KIZILGÜL = Red Rose = Scarlett
AVCI = Hunter = Stalker
Ciklet = Bubble Gum = Clutch

Several interior pages unique to the Turkey editions can be seen here.
Order of Battle Character Filecards Pages
Fan Art Page
Fan Letters Page

Special thanks to FIRAT KAYHAN for the scans, translations and information.

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