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Publisher: Marvel Comics
Issue Date: December 1993
Series: Transformers: Generation 2
Issue Number: 2

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The Autobots learn the meaning of sacrifice as two of their own perish.

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Notes of Interest

Dr. Biggles-Jones is rescued from Megatron

Fortress Maximus and Hotspot die.

December 1993, $1.75 Cover Price.

Major Players

G.I.Joe appearances: Scarlett, Snake Eyes, General Hawk, Wild Bill

Cobra: Cobra Commander,

Others: Dr. Biggles-Jones

Creative Team

All or Nothing Script: Simon Furman,
Pencils: Derek Yaniger, Manny Galan, Andrew Wildman,
Inkers: Jim Amash, Marie Severin, Sttephen Baskerville,
Letters: Starkings with Gaushell,
Colors: Sarra Mossoff,
Editor: Rob Tokar,
Editor in Chief: Tom DeFalco
Cover Artist :Derek Yaniger

Script: Simon Furman,
Art: Geoff Senior,
Letterbots: Starkings with Gaushell,
Colorist: Sarra Mossoff,
Editor: Rob Tokar,
Editor in Chief: Tom Defalco

Full Details

All or Nothing
Scarlett, Snake Eyes, Cobra Commander and the Autobot Hot Spot watch as the Ark takes off from Earth with Dr. Biggles-Jones and Megatron aboard.

As Megatron gloats on board the Ark, Dr. Biggles-Jones spots a human male, Spike Witwicky. Spike sees Dr. Biggles-Jones, and rushes off to the body of Fortress Maximus.

Back on Earth, Cobra Commander is accompanying the transformer equipment left behind, and Hot Spot decides to stop them and attacks the convoy.

As Spike prepares to become the head of Fortress Maximus, he is stopped Skydive holding a gun to his head. Spike explains that he is Fortress Maximus, and Skydive explains that he was deactivated when the ship took off. Fortress Maximus attempts to sneak up on Megatron, but Megatron senses him and attacks. Skydive attempts to make the save, as Fortress Maximus retreats. Fortress Maximus leaps into the antimatter conversion chamber, causing the destruction of the ship as Skydive escapes with Dr. Biggles-Jones.

On Earth, Hot Spot tries to stop Cobra from getting away with Cybertronian technology. Snake Eyes, General Hawk and Wild Bill attempt to help, but Hot Spot uses most of his remaining energy to destroy the trailer full of technology, leaving him helpless in front of the Cobras. Hot Spot remembers that Optimus Prime said that no technology must be allowed to fall into enemy hands and self destructs.

Skydive and Hawk discuss the concept of death and the strength of Hotspot and Fortress Maximus to end the issue.

Ghosts is not summarized as it does not contain any G.I.Joe characters or references.