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Publisher: Devil's Due
Issue Date: November 2007
Series: Storm Shadow
Issue Number: 7

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The dying Anibal Alcazar and Storm Shadow have been training in Japan. They visit Storm Shadow's Aunt, Obake Obaasan for additional training and a major test. Several Red Ninja's attack them as they are training; Anibal uses his own death as a distraction that allows Storm Shadow to defeat them.

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Notes of Interest

b>Final Issue.

Due to lateness the final issue was available in December

This series was canceled due to the request by Hasbro.

The story doesn't reflect the cover. The character Pale Peony is on the cover and not included in the story.

Major Players

Storm Shadow Cobra: Red Ninjas Arashikage Clan Members: Anibal Alcazar, Obake Obaasan

Creative Team

Written by: Larry Hama, Drawn by Ryan Browne, Colors by Germna Torres, Lettered by Brian J. Crowley, Edited by Mike O'Sullivan, Design by Sean K. Dove, Cover by Kalman Andrasofszky & Adam Chong/Et Cetera

Full Details

In Japan, Anibal Alcazar and Storm Shadow are currently deadlocked in a sword fight each is pushing sword to sword and neither is giving an inch. Storm Shadow comments on how calm Anibal is compared to when he arrived six months ago.

Six Months Ago. Storm Shadow picks up Anibal at the airport and drives him a famous shrine where he drives the motorcycle they are on directly into the shrine. A secret door opens and they drive down a tunnel, as they come out on the other side Obake Obaasan, Storm Shadow's Aunt and widow of the Hard Master awaits them.

She is happy to see her wayward nephew and prodigal student and immediately recognizes that Anibal is in poor health. The next day they start the lessons.

Sitting at a table Anibal and Storm Shadow, with Obake on her side with her back turned reading a newspaper, have a grenade, knife and pistol with bullets next to it sitting on the table between them. Obake tells them they have to choose the best weapon. After a few moments, Storm Shadow makes the move and grabs the knife, Anibal grabs the empty gun as Obake rolls up her newspaper. Anibal is able to avoid several of Storm Shadow's knife thrusts and able to load the gun. Storm Shadow flips away and throws the knife. Obake steps in with the newspaper to catch the flying knife in mid air, at the same time knocks the gun out of Anibal's hand. Then she proceeds to hit both of them up side their heads with the newspaper. Lesson over.

Many months later Storm Shadow and Anibal are sitting under a tree with just a couple of leaves left. A single leaf falls and Storm Shadow grabs it. Anibal in deep mediation saw the leaf falling. As Storm Shadow shows him the leaf it is blown out his hand by the leaf blower that Obake is using to clean the yard with.

Back to the present, Anibal and Storm Shadow are still at a complete stand off. When two Red Ninja's attack them, they reveal there scars and stitches, these two ninjas where cut up but not killed by Storm Shadow back in Spain when Anibal hired Storm Shadow to kill him. Breaking their standoff, Anibal attacks both of the ninjas. Storm Shadow sheaths his sword to watch Anibal. He fights them a considerable amount of time. The Red Ninja's do a double flip in the air maneuver as Anibal throws his sword. Storm Shadow catches the sword and the Red Ninja's contort themselves in mid air to adjust to Storm Shadow now having the sword. As the Red Ninja's land Anibal falls over dead. The Red Ninja's prepare to fight Storm Shadow but the mid air aerobatics have caused the stitches in them to rip open causing them fall over.

Storm Shadow just plants Anibal's sword in the ground and walks away.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen