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Publisher: Devil's Due
Issue Date: October 2007
Series: Storm Shadow
Issue Number: 6

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Storm Shadow is hired by an old Arashikage Clan member, Anibal Alcazar, to kill him. And to make sure he does it, he puts a bounty on Storm Shadow that won't be lifted until Anibal is dead. Storm Shadow then defeats Russian mobsters, Night Creepers and some Red Ninjas only to give Anibal an airline ticket to Moscow, instead of killing him.

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Notes of Interest

Introduction of a new member of Arashikage Clan, Anibal Alcazar

Major Players

Storm Shadow Cobra: Night Creepers, Red Ninjas

Additional Characters: Anibal Alcazar, Leonid , Istven

Creative Team

Written by: Larry Hama, Drawn by Mark A. Robinson, Colors by Renato Faccini, Lettered by Brian J. Crowley, Edited by Mike O'Sullivan, Design by Sean K. Dove, Cover by Kalman Andrasofszky & Stephane Peru

Full Details

In Aviles on the North coast of Spain, Storm Shadow is demonstrating his excellent wine poring abilities. Once finished he sits down next to Anibal Alcazar and they toast to the Hard Master. Anibal was training with the Hard Master when Storm Shadow was just a teenaged Tommy Arashikage. Anibal then makes reference to his experiences in Southeast Asia and the following Cold War chaos.

Anibal then offers Storm Shadow a job, one million dollars to kill him. Storm Shadow refuses saying he is no longer an assassin. Anibal had already assumed that Storm Shadow would decline, so he has informed many of Storm Shadow's enemies of his location in Spain and he will continue to inform more and more enemies until he kills Anibal. He tells him that the Russian Spetsnaz, the Night Creeper from Zurich (see Storm Shadow #1-4) and the Red Ninja Clan should already be on the way.

In Storm Shadow's hotel room, Leonid & Istven are waiting for Storm Shadow they are drinking and eating from the minibar. The phone rings, they answer and it's Storm Shadow. He tells them that he has poisoned the food & drinks of the minibar and that there is C-4 explosive in the phone. Both of them run from the room. It is a bluff by Storm Shadow that works very well.

The next day strolling in the square on high alter. He catches a glimpse of a reflection off of a gun placed in a tower facing his room. He then goes to a store that sells all kinds of technology. After a little investigation, he discovers two Frenchmen bought a whole bunch of stuff, Storm Shadow asks to buy the same controller that the Frenchmen bought.

Again, walking through the square in board daylight, the two Frenchmen, actually Night Creepers are staged across the street and the gun in the tower is actually remote controlled by them or so they think. As they aim the red laser and fire the gun misses. Storm Shadow has used his remote control to over ride theirs and then swings the gun, aims it at the Night Creepers and fires at them. At the same time a hotel employee brings a cell phone to the door. The lead Night Creeper answers and begins talking to Storm Shadow. He threatens to kill them all and return their heads to their Night Creeper leader in Zurich. They make one last attempt to kill him but he easily scares them out of the Night Creeper business and they flee.

Later that day as the sun is setting, Storm Shadow lies down on the beach covering himself with a blanket and appears to fall asleep. As night begins, two Red Ninjas come out of the water and attack the sleeping Storm Shadow. Of course, they attack nothing and Storm Shadow rises out of the sands next to his former spot and with one big stroke of his sword kills both of the Red Ninjas.

That night he sneaks up on the waiting Anibal but instead of killing him he shows him his own oncologist report, which is quite grim. Storm Shadow offers him a different option a ticket to Moscow.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen